Is your organization taking advantage of the online reporting option for Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs)? If so, EZ Water Quality Reports can help make the annual water quality report process hassle-free for you, just like we do for our customers who prefer to print and mail their reports.

We would love to simply, streamline, and elevate the presentation of your Water Quality Report process.

We offer two online options:

Downloadable PDF Report

We set up your report in an easy-to-read, letter-sized PDF format. Because the water quality analysis report is not printed, we aren’t limited to a set number of pages. If all your information fits on three pages, then that is exactly what we provide. But if five pages are needed to convey your content, then we format five pages.

Upon your approval, the file is set up as a web-optimized PDF for quick and easy downloads, and if desired, the end user can easily print out the water quality assessment report. The PDF is an easy addition to any website, requiring only a simple link to the file stored on your server. There is no special coding or extensive work required on behalf of your IT or web development staff.

If you would like to have a web version of your report as well as a limited number of printed copies of EPA water quality reports to keep on hand, please see our printed report options, which always include a web-ready version of the report as well.

Online Web-based Report

The online web-based report displays your Consumer Confidence Report in traditional HTML format with no required download, which provides the most streamlined option for your customers. We offer two options to achieve this functionality:


1.Click to view a link

With this option, customers simply insert a link in their website, and users are taken to a page hosted by EZ Water Quality Reports. Only the customer’s report is on this page. There are no links to other pages, and there are no advertisements. The domain name doesn’t provide any detail about our company either. It is simply a hosted solution for your water quality report. Click here to see an example.


2. Embedded report

Utilizing this option, the customer is supplied with a simple piece of code to add to their website. This opens a “window” that allows the customer to view your report within your website. No clicking is required to get to the report. Click here to see an example.

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