EZ Water Quality Reports

Since 2005, EZ Water Quality Reports (a subsidiary of Absolute Holdings Group) has helped water systems across the country design, coordinate, and distribute mandatory compliance reports and projects.


Water Reports - 18 years
Print & Promotional - 12 years
Web Design - 14 years
Marketing & Advertising - 18 years


The EZ Water Quality Reports and AHG teams are proud to work with water systems around the country to continue to produce high-quality, affordable annual compliance reporting. We pride ourselves in our long-term relationships with many of our clients, and we look forward to earning their business year after year through our quality, service, pricing, and work-ethic.
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Customer Satisfaction

EZ Water Quality Report’s key to success has been and continues to be customer satisfaction. The EZ Water team works to provide not only the best service, but competitive pricing, and the highest quality products possible.

We Build Relationships

When you work with the EZ Water team, you are not viewed as a client, but as a partner. With every one of our clients, we work to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Most of our customers have worked with us for over 5 years.


Our relationships with a network of trusted printers allow us to provide excellent finished products at competitive prices.

We make it Easy

Send us your data, and we’ll take it from there. Send photos and logos if you want; otherwise we have great stock images to use. We can mail your reports or ship them to you for distribution.


You can count on a well designed Consumer Confidence Report. Our full-color reports are designed by award winning graphic designers and are professionally printed on coated stock.

Deadline Oriented

In almost 15 years of partnering with water systems to create their annual water quality reports, the EZ Water team has NEVER missed a deadline, causing any repercussions for our clients. The EZ Water team understands that deadlines are not suggestions and we treat all our projects with that urgency.


Remember that time when you had to go back and forth with someone via email for hours when a 5-minute conversation would have taken care of the problem? Remember how refreshing it can be talking to a real human? Even though we at EZ Water live in a digital world, we are easy to get in touch with.